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Dave R.

Hi Lisa...
Been following along...glad you had a safe trip! It all sounds so...romantic... and yet I know that there is a lot of work ahead for you. We're thinkin about you here and I just wanted you to know..."Bakery" seems a bit empty without you there...
Luv Ya!

Dave R.

The pictures are very beautiful by the way...Great job!


Hi there Lisa! I've been thinking about you, wondering if you've arrived yet. I'm glad to know you're there and have begun your new work!

I look forward to hearing from you.

I hope you find infinite joy in this discovery,



Wow-you made it and are getting settled in! I just got online late yesterday and was very happy to see your post this morning. Lovely to connect with you, see your face in your profile, hear about your new life -- who ever woulda thunk it just a few years ago, huh?
I loved the photos of the sea - very beautiful - and await more. I will continue to check in on you daily.
Peace, Lisa,
P.S. Beware-blogging can be dangerously addicting. I see you already commented on getting it looking the way you want it to look! Made me smile big.


Hi, Lisa! I hope you have a truly great time over there. The blog is informative and interesting (I've just sent the link to my husband). Write lots of poems and be well.



hi lisa! so glad that you have set up this blog, i will check it compulsively for updates! be well, love you.


Hey sweet friend,

I'm so glad you made it all safe and sound, and your place and your host both look beautiful. I, too, loved the pictures of the sea. I forget sometimes how much different terrain adorns this fair blue planet of ours, thinking I've seen everything, but those were totally new to me, and beautiful.

I saw the Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth tonight at the Fair. It was great. I wished you'd been there, you'd've really enjoyed the finale, the Lips' cover of "War Pigs."

I'm sure where you are is infinitely more fascinating, however, and I await more news with bated breath. I can't wait to see more of the local landscape and people!
Love you tons, and welcome to your new home,


Hi Lisa, Hope you like it there in Ulaanbaatar. Looks like you're in a nice apartment. -Oyuna

Andrew Young

Glad u got there safe and sound. I will be checking out yr adventures as much as I can. Love u, Drew

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