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Amy Heltemes

Sounds like things are going very well for you in Mongolia. Glad you made it there safely. Take care. Great Blog I will check back often.


Perhaps some sort of orange neon vest is in order to help with the "death by vehicle" factor. Oh, never mind - fashion is always everything and neon really doesn't go with a thing!
You sound well, Lisa. I will keep checking in, reading, and waiting for more pics.
Leslie (Bakery member)


Thanks for inviting us into your journey. Since I cannot post a comment on photos, I thought I'd post here instead. Just finished looking at your photo album of Itgel's home. I must say that it was fun to read the photo titles as a sort of minimalist poem. My favorite lines are:

"Blue door four"


"Mongolian houseplant"

Says it all.

I'm envious of your encounter with the Dalai Lama (and your fellow visitors). What a rich experience and unique.

Keep us enthralled,



i like the deco-looking curtian and lamp in the kitchen!
also 'the way back' and out back photos are great. did i say, *'Love your photos'!?*

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