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lisa, i keep trying to leave comments but somehow they don't appear! i think it has something to do with the weird letters i'm supposed to type in before i post.

anyway, i love your blog! it's so fascinating to me and i'm so grateful you have one. i miss you! and i'm so incredibly impressed by this adventure you've taken on!



Well, yes, of course, if one choses to vegan one simply cannot chose to travel!!!! What a ridiculous comment by your companion.....glad you could just meet it with aq smile. I think I'd have come up with something a little less spiritual!
I don't understand where to go to look at the cmaping pics, Lisa. Help! I want to see them!


hm. i, too, cannot figure out where the "the Bogdkhan Uul photo album" is...
however, the new photos at itgel's are fabulous! i find salvation in the camera every time the pencil fails me...

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