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Hey Lisa,

Thanks for the "poop" on the subject. Yes, we should all be grateful to have indoor plumbing. I suppose though, when we go camping, I mean really "roughing it", we get to experience what you're describing even if only for a short time...

I'll check back soon.

Love and Peace...


Your Dad would fit right in, but you know this would be a problem for someone who is always looking for the next bathroom!


I was just grateful :)
Be well.


Hi Lisa,
I do enjoy reading your blogs. My comment on this one is I hope people who read this blog understand why there's no toilet papers and other bathroom supplies in public bathrooms. It costs money to supply these things. Budget for keeping bathroom supplies are not built in the building maintenance budget like it's here in the US. Mongolian economy is not in great shape. We're still struggling to get our priorities straight with the little money we have. I guess the bathroom supplies are not in a priority list yet. Money issue also applies to not having enough public restrooms.

Damien Dawson

Hi, Oyuna. Thanks for your comment. Your perspective is very important as I don't always know why things are the way they are here in Mongolia. Perhaps the priorities are straight; toilet paper is less important than electricity or textbooks or many other things. If all I have to worry about is packing toilet paper in my backpack every morning, I think it's alright. Peace.


Maybe they use the air dryers to dry the poop off their hands...just a thought

Bryan Thao Worra

I'll only add that this is the sort of thing that makes me think that if it came down to it, 'the Elbow Bump' that the World Health Organization is promoting may just catch on.


Or else it may just end up like esperanto. Who knows... Well, keep smiling out there. :)

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