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Amy J Norsten

Happy Tsagaan Sar! Great description of the moon. I wish there was more of your poetry in your blog!

Amy J Norsten

Happy Tsagaan Sar! Great description of the moon. I wish there was more of your poetry in your blog!


i share this with you. and i'm just SURE i saw the whole moon in the baby moon the other day. it was fantastic, all foggy and sliverish!

The Sunday Poem: Robert Wrigley

Kissing a Horse

Of the two spoiled, barn-sour geldings
we owned that year, it was Red—
skittish and prone to explode
even at fourteen years—who'd let me
hold to my face his own: the massive labyrinthine
caverns of the nostrils, the broad plain
up the head to the eyes. He'd let me stroke
his coarse chin whiskers and take
his soft meaty underlip
in my hands, press my man's carnivorous
kiss to his grass-nipping upper half of one, just
so that I could smell
the long way his breath had come from the rain
and the sun, the lungs and the heart,
from a world that meant no harm.

Reprinted from "Earthly Meditations: New and Selected Poems," published in 2006 by Penguin. Copyright © Robert Wrigley, 2006, and reprinted by permission of the author. This weekly column is supported by The Poetry Foundation, The Library of Congress, and the Department of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This column does not accept unsolicited poetry.


I like how you mention that getting drunk over Tsagaan Sar is not kosher. Most Westerners don't pick up on that subtlety about Tsagaan Sar because Mongolians don't really tell us about it. Many Mongolians don't really eat that many buuz or drink that much vodka at the houses they visit. Westerners' experiences in Mongolia tend to be different because Mongolians like to play the "hey! the foreigner's here game." In this "game," Mongolians like to see how much vodka and how many buuz they can get the foreigners to eat and drink. Mongolians can put on a lot of pressure, so many foreigners end up drinking 6 shots of vodka--which is not really kosher at all. The conversation among Mongolians after the foreigners leave might go something like, "Wow, those foreigners sure are big drinkers!"

Nevertheless, there are definitely those Mongolians that like to break their own rules...

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