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Thanks for sharing that article, Lisa. The replies were even more interesting, albeit a bit sad, for this puppy. There were a couple of people who understood what makes protest now so difficult. In the end, Luckylefty said it the best.
Had I replied, I would have reminded everyone that in order to overthrow a government one must have access to the media. We barely have the Internet.
The other means of organizing that I think a lot about is suggested by "frothingmouth" who understands that sometimes things can only be done quietly and "underground". And, I hope it is not violent!
I think a lot about the power artists have to bring about change...and then I remember that being an artist these days has become kind of trendy.
I am trying to believe that art is alive, but I think Art really might be Dead.
I am also trying not to be cynical about the state of the world today, but the truth is inspiration is lacking. And really, that is my greatest concern, not just for myself, but for everyone!!!

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