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Nice! Really, really nice. Please share more with us. And tell something about Hovd!

You're not missing anything in UB, believe me. Hope your ride out wasn't too trying. And be on the lookout for a tall German guy -- likely my friend Axel.


Lovely poem -- wish I had enough Mongolian to know it in its original. Did you get to Olgii yet?

Your new roommate is my sister-in-law. We were lucky to come out to Mongolia back in 2004 -- and will be back in February.

Thank you for helping more of us access the work of some incredible poets. I enjoyed your previous post, too, and think your thoughts on translation are right on.

Andrew, Meg, Momo + Jozsi


Hi, Lisa!
Incredible. Your translation is just so great, it sounds exactly like it is in mongolian.
Looking forward for more,


Thank you for that translation, I really like it a lot.......I'm sorry I'm responding so late to it.....


Very nice translation. I have not read much translated work in English, but I have never thought about translating Mongolian poem to English in such a way that it rhymes like in Mongolian, I mean, rhymes in the first syllables. Thank you!

I have (may be silly) suggestions: would you consider shortening the "winter clothes" part, or is it really how close it gets in English? I am also a bit confused abou8t the meaning of "би хүн л биш" since it may mean also "I can be anything but human". Thanks again!

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Your poem and translation are very cute. You have a potential of being a good writer. Keep it up!!


Beautiful poem.

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great man :D

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