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Eduardo Waghorn

Hello there!

Sailing in the blogosphere I found your interesting blog.
Mongol Uls...the magic and remote country...the land of the Great Genghis Khan's Empire:)
My dream is going there (Ulaan bataar...!) and know your wonderfull vaste territory...Get the peace inside me...

If you could say me some greeting in mongolese, I could feel very good, thank you...What about your own special scripture???

If you want, visit my blogs, you can use my translation on movilwagg, the principal one.
Warm greetings from Chile, Southamerica!!
Keep blogging...

Eduardo Waghorn

This blog is really amazing. I will link from my principal blog, hope you dont mind.:)
A hug from Chile.


La La,
It's really good that u got out of that accident unscathed, and were able to continue on yr journey. It's nice to be reading this site again..I sent u a long email elsewhere but anyhoo, take care.

Eduardo Waghorn


My blog movilwagg was born in September of 2005...many water upon the bridge...so it has 2 years old!:)

Unverse has billion of years.

What is 2 years.

What is a second.

Check my MovilClip, please.

I apreciate if you send your greetings on them , even on your own language.

Thank you:)

Eduardo Waghorn


John Buchanan

I have just found your Blog, but it seems to be inactive which is a shame, have you given up?

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Reading this post gives me more idea on what you're talking about.

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