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marlina Gonzalez

Lisa, this has been an incredible journey for you. As you have experienced being on the outside looking in, so have I, being a US immigrant and observing from the vantage point of marvelling at, reflecting on and driven by cultural curiosity. It has also now turned spiritual.

I would love to talk to you when you get back for two big reasons: First, I would like to use your blog as a model for how immigrants and other travellers can stay connected digitally in a more profound creative way because you have done this here.

Secondly, I HAVE A PLACE AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO STAY IF YOU ARE STILL LOOKING! It can be available immediately. Please let me know if you are still looking. I will try to e-mail you. Call Intermedia Arts right away!

Welcome back home soon!


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what is the End are you talking about? do you have enough time... Read the treasure of life book.


There is much more to ponder about rather than easily saying that this is the end. Think again.

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